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Principal Engineer, EDC Basic, Marine System 3194 Singapore, SG Marine 27-Dec-2021
Assistant Electrical Supervisor - Ship Repairs (Tuas) 2171 Singapore, SG Marine 08-Jan-2022
Principal Engineer, Hull, EDC Basic
Principal Engineer, Hull, EDC Basic Singapore, SG 22-Dec-2021
2190 Singapore, SG Marine 22-Dec-2021
Assist Supervisor-Berthing & Mooring Support (Changi) 2213 Singapore, SG Marine 24-Dec-2021
Technician- Electrical (Changi NB)
Technician- Electrical (Changi NB) Singapore, SG 12-Jan-2022
2212 Singapore, SG Marine 12-Jan-2022
HR Admin Executive-Migrant Workers Admin (SAP) 4279 Singapore, SG Marine 20-Dec-2021
Assistant Executive
Assistant Executive Singapore, SG 11-Jan-2022
4319 Singapore, SG Marine 11-Jan-2022
Supervisor-Electrical Repairs (Tuas)
Supervisor-Electrical Repairs (Tuas) Singapore, SG 13-Jan-2022
1730 Singapore, SG Marine 13-Jan-2022
Senior Technician-Mechanical/Diesel (Tuas)
Senior Technician-Mechanical/Diesel (Tuas) Singapore, SG 05-Jan-2022
1753 Singapore, SG Marine 05-Jan-2022
Technician-Mechanical & Engines (Benoi)
Technician-Mechanical & Engines (Benoi) Singapore, SG 07-Jan-2022
2787 Singapore, SG Marine 07-Jan-2022
Assistant Engineer-Electrical (Brani/Gul)
Assistant Engineer-Electrical (Brani/Gul) Singapore, SG 22-Dec-2021
2830 Singapore, SG Marine 22-Dec-2021
Senior Project Engineer - Ship Repairs (Benoi) 2840 Singapore, SG Marine 18-Dec-2021
Department Head/Assistant Manager - Mechanical Repairs (Benoi) 3075 Singapore, SG Marine 06-Jan-2022
Assistant Engineer- Mechanical (Changi)
Assistant Engineer- Mechanical (Changi) Singapore, SG 10-Jan-2022
2087 Singapore, SG Marine 10-Jan-2022
Assistant Supervisor- Steel & Outfittings (Changi) 1047 Singapore, SG Marine 19-Dec-2021
Senior Technician-Mechanical & Engines (Changi) 2091 Singapore, SG Marine 20-Dec-2021
Assistant Ship Repairs Manager (Tuas)
Assistant Ship Repairs Manager (Tuas) Singapore, SG 22-Dec-2021
2106 Singapore, SG Marine 22-Dec-2021
Assistant Manager-Project Ship Repairs (Tuas) 2105 Singapore, SG Marine 20-Dec-2021
Piping Supervisor - Ship Repairs (Tuas)
Piping Supervisor - Ship Repairs (Tuas) Singapore, SG 05-Jan-2022
2111 Singapore, SG Marine 05-Jan-2022
Engineer - Hull & Pipe Welding Ops (Changi) 2113 Singapore, SG Marine 13-Jan-2022
Assistant Engineer/Supervisor-Hull & Welding (Changi) 2116 Singapore, SG Marine 13-Jan-2022
Senior Technician-Hull & Welding (Changi)
Senior Technician-Hull & Welding (Changi) Singapore, SG 10-Jan-2022
2115 Singapore, SG Marine 10-Jan-2022
Assistant Supervisor - Mechanical Ship Repairs (Tuas Yard) 2125 Singapore, SG Marine 05-Jan-2022
Plate-Cutting Machinist
Plate-Cutting Machinist Singapore, SG 18-Jan-2021
411 Singapore, SG Land Systems 18-Jan-2021
Senior Store Specialist
Senior Store Specialist Singapore, SG 18-Dec-2021
4478 Singapore, SG Land Systems 18-Dec-2021