Title:  Resort Executive (DSC/ET/9489)

Job ID:  9489

Defence Technology Towers, SG


Key Functions

1. Handle telephone enquiries and front desk duties.

2. Coordinate with security team on vehicles, vendors, occupants, contractors or visitors entering the premises.

3. Account and recording of damaged items, loss of equipment, defects after the guests’ have checked out.

4. Communicate charges of damaged or loss items to occupants and escalate appeals for wavier to Resorts Ops Manager for processing.

5. Conduct regular inspections to ensure the Resorts are well maintained. To record and report any defect and to engage Facility Management team to schedule repairs and maintenance.

6. Administer resorts’ inventories and office stationery purchases.

7. Assist on issues surfaced up by the housekeeping/security team/occupants in the absence of the Resorts Ops Manager.

8. Assist occupants with basic troubleshooting such as issues with equipment examples refrigerator, air-condition or TV sets.


Other responsibilities

1. Function as the Point of Contact (POC) for the followings:

​​​​​a. With Linen Laundry Service Vendor - Coordinate with Linen Laundry Service Vendor on the dispatch and collection of dirty linens.


2. Logistics & Inventories

a. Handles linen inventory and purchasing if stock is low
b. Co-ordinate with housekeeping team for the accounting and preparation (example defect detection) of the linens for the villas.
c. Administer villa inventory list amendments (4, 3 and 2-bedroom villas):

  • Report of shortfall/additions of inventories
  • Facilitate on boarding of physical inventory lists (both normal stores and linens) to online inventory tracking list and accounting of items issued to housekeeping staff or occupants directly.