Title:  Senior Software Engineer

Job ID:  9116

ST Electronics Hub, SG


Job Description
•    Designs and implements systems using a variety of languages (e.g. C#, ASP.NET etc.);
•    Writes and executes complete testing plans, protocols, and documentation;
•    Identifies and debugs, and creates solutions for issues with code and integration into application architecture;
•    Collaborates and communicates with management, internal, and outsourced development partners regarding application design status, project progress, and issue resolution;
•    Analyses designs to determine coding, programming, and integration activities required based on general objectives and knowledge of overall architecture of product or solution.
•    Ensure delivery within tight timelines and meeting the team’s expectation.
•    Get involved in the entire lifecycle of the SDLC.
•    Understand the requirement and ensure quality deliverables.
•    Take an active role in the determination of technology choices in the overall design and architecture of solutions
•    Ensure quality and optimized coding with proper documentation.
•    Develop unit plan and perform unit testing and provide continuously improved product experience.
•    Actively assist project team wherever required.
•    Participate in the technical design and be able to communicate design decisions and considerations to both internal and external stakeholders


Job Requirements
•    Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or a related discipline.
•    Preferred to have hands-on experience on architecting and developing Microservices. 
•    In-depth experience in pure technical roles in development of various software applications.
•    Proficient experience on usage of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3.
•    Thorough understanding of usage of the fundamental concepts like Exception Handling, Static block/variables/classes, OOPS concepts, Collections, Multi-Threading, http sessions, session handling, actions, events, implicit objects etc.
•    Well verse with the use of XML, JSON and REST services.
•    Exposure to an industry-standard database (SQL Server) with awareness of database design and SQL scripting knowledge and performance tuning.
•    Work experience on DevOps tools not limited to Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes.
•    Understand or have the ability to evaluate, assess and architect around cloud based services in Azure, AWS and other cloud providers
•    Proficient in documenting and generating standard supporting documents e.g. SRS and SDS
•    Ability to work in a fast-paced and agile development environment and to learn new frameworks/stacks.