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Certification Engineer

Date: 12-Aug-2022

Location: Singapore, SG

Company: ST Engineering Group

Job Description:

  1. Preparing the certification programme and co-ordination of all tasks related to Type investigation in concurrence with the Agency.
  2. Establishing the compliance checklist and updating changes. Checking  that  all  compliance  documents  are  prepared  and  complete  as necessary to demonstrate compliance with all CS and environmental protection requirements.
  3. Advising  the  design  organisation  in  all  questions  regarding  airworthiness, operational suitability, environmental protection approvals and certification. 
  4. Preparing, if necessary, a draft type-certificate data sheet modification.
  5. Providing  verification  to  the  Head  of  Design  Organisation  that  all  activities required for the certification programme have been properly completed.
  6. Monitoring of significant events on other aeronautical products as far as relevant to determine their effect on airworthiness  or operational suitability  of products being designed by STEA.
  7. Ensuring  co-operation  in  preparing  Service  Bulletins  and  Structural  Repair Manual,  and  subsequent  revisions,  with  special  attention  being  given  to  the manner in which the contents affect airworthiness and environmental protection.
  8. Ensuring that the manuals approved by the Agency, including any subsequent revisions are  checked  to  determine that they meet the respective requirements, and that they are provided to the Agency for approval.
  9. Ensuring  the  preparation  and  updating  of  all  maintenance  and  operating instructions  (including  Services  Bulletins)  needed  to  maintain  airworthiness  (continuing airworthiness) in accordance with relevant certification specification. 
  10. Ensuring  the  preparation  and  updating  of  all  operational  suitability  data  in accordance with relevant certification specification.


Job Requirement:

1. Degree in Engineering (Mechanical/ Electrical)

2. Good knowledge of EASA Part 21 and/or FAA 14 CFR regulation is a plus