Title:  Electrical System Engineer

Job ID:  11909

Aero - 540 Airport Road, SG


Brief Job Description:


  1. To participate in avionics integration and electrical systems installation designs that meet the requirements of specific projects.
  2. To ensure modification designs are compliant with requirements from relevant civil or military aviation authorities.
  3. To perform simple analysis to substantiate designs.
  4. To interact closely with engineers from other disciplines to achieve an optimized design within the stipulated project schedule.
  5. To deliver presentations to the customers and aviation authorities on modification designs as required.
  6. To support aircraft prototyping and production activities.
  7. To support technical publication activities.




  1. Minimum Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  2. Proficient in Microsoft Words/ Excel/ Powerpoint
  3. Proficient in Adobe Illustrator to generate electrical wiring schematic diagrams and electrical wiring harness assembly.      
  4. Proficient in SGML data conversion to Vector PDF format.
  5. PLC-based programming/Aduino/Labview or similar knowledge.
  6. Experience in CAD software such as CATIA for electrical wiring harness installation.
  7. Good written and oral communication skills in English
  8. Must be a self-motivated team player who is able to work independently