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Infra /Systems Engineer

Date: 01-Dec-2022

Location: Singapore, SG

Company: ST Engineering Group

  1. Networking

.Point to point connections

.Configuration/Troubleshooting of switches, routers, firewalls, and voip.


  1. Systems

.Configuration of servers and NAS/SAN

.Configuration of applications eg. MySQL, Domain Controller, Adobe, Symantec ETC.

.Patching of firmware and cyber security patches for ALL hardware eg servers, routers, switches ETC.

.Keeping ALL hardware system security up to date in accordance to Preventive maintenance plan guidelines

.prepare for annual audit


  1. Hardware

.Deployment of hardware for exercise in the relevant locations both on site and off site.


  1. Support Simulation Exercise/Training

Long day shift (12hrs) or Night Shift (12hrs) Ex/Training Support.

Ensuring system and hardware availability during exercise.

Occasionally Overseas Ex/Training Support(roughly 3 to 5 weeks duration) per year.