Title:  Technician (Additive Machines)

Job ID:  9627

Aero - 540 Airport Road, SG


Position: Operation Technician (Additive Manufacturing)


As a skilled AM Technician, your primary role is to operate AM machines such as various metal alloy powder and polymer printing, and perform associated preparation and post processes such as support removal/cleaning. As a daily routine, you are required to maintain and keep the facility and machines’ condition in optimal readiness state for operations. You are also required to assist engineers in R&D activities.

Key Responsibilities:

Following AMDC’s procedures to:

  • Operate and maintain additive manufacturing machines and associated facility.
  • Support engineers on machine setup, print file set up and R&D activities.
  • Perform Total Preventive Maintenance management / 5S, machine maintenance & calibration, raw material stowage & preparation etc.
  • Initiates & implements continuous improvement activities to improve productivity and quality.
  • Management of raw materials and requisite consumables for AM machine operations.

Following respective approved manuals and technical drawings design drawing to be:

  • Able to use basic hand tools for metal and plastic AM parts support removal and assembly works.
  • Able to perform visual and dimensional inspection of manufactured AM parts against quality requirements.


Key Requirements

  • Must have at least a NTC Aerospace Technology/ Engineering certificate or higher
  • Candidate must have basic 3D printing knowledge and good hands-on skills
  • Knowledge in CAD drawing and slicing software knowledge is an added advantage
  • Knowledge in post machining processes
  • Ability to work independently with low supervision