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Business Analyst
Business Analyst Singapore, SG 30-Dec-2021
3011 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 30-Dec-2021
AVP/TM & Learning Lead, DPS/DA
AVP/TM & Learning Lead, DPS/DA Singapore, SG 07-Jan-2022
4631 Singapore, SG Group HQ 07-Jan-2022
AVP, Production, Naval Services (Sub)
AVP, Production, Naval Services (Sub) Singapore, SG 26-Dec-2021
3360 Singapore, SG Marine 26-Dec-2021
Avionics/Electrical Engineer
Avionics/Electrical Engineer Singapore, SG 05-Jan-2022
4099 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 05-Jan-2022
Aviation Vehicle Specialist I
Aviation Vehicle Specialist I Singapore, SG 08-Jan-2022
625 Singapore, SG Defence Aerospace 08-Jan-2022
Aviation Vehicle Specialist
Aviation Vehicle Specialist Singapore, SG 09-Jan-2022
615 Singapore, SG Defence Aerospace 09-Jan-2022
Autonomous Navigation Engineer
Autonomous Navigation Engineer Singapore, SG 23-Dec-2021
4849 Singapore, SG Land Systems 23-Dec-2021
Autonomous Control Engineer
Autonomous Control Engineer Singapore, SG 03-Jan-2022
4844 Singapore, SG Land Systems 03-Jan-2022
Asst/Principal Engineer - Weapon & Electronics & System Integration 4507 Singapore, SG Marine 07-Jan-2022
Asst Engineer
Asst Engineer Singapore, SG 07-Jan-2022
4988 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 07-Jan-2022
Asst Engineer
Asst Engineer Singapore, SG 20-Dec-2021
3643 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 20-Dec-2021
Assistant Principal Engineer, IT
Assistant Principal Engineer, IT Singapore, SG 26-Dec-2021
3404 Singapore, SG Group HQ 26-Dec-2021
Assistant/ Technical Project Manager
Assistant/ Technical Project Manager Singapore, SG 29-Dec-2021
4692 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 29-Dec-2021
Assistant/ Manager (Technical Sales)
Assistant/ Manager (Technical Sales) Singapore, SG 29-Dec-2021
4213 Singapore, SG Land Systems 29-Dec-2021
Assistant Vice President, Commercial (Environmental Engineering) 3099 Singapore, SG Marine 13-Jan-2022
Assistant Vice President
Assistant Vice President Singapore, SG 03-Jan-2022
4960 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 03-Jan-2022
Assistant Ship Repairs Manager (Tuas)
Assistant Ship Repairs Manager (Tuas) Singapore, SG 22-Dec-2021
2106 Singapore, SG Marine 22-Dec-2021
Assistant Sales Manager
Assistant Sales Manager Singapore, SG 14-Jan-2022
3668 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 14-Jan-2022
Assistant QA Engineer
Assistant QA Engineer Singapore, SG 10-Jan-2022
3879 Singapore, SG Land Systems 10-Jan-2022
Assistant Programme Manager
Assistant Programme Manager Singapore, SG 28-Dec-2021
4638 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 28-Dec-2021
Assistant Principal Engineer-QA & Commissioning (Electrical & Automation Systems) 3382 Singapore, SG Marine 11-Jan-2022
Assistant Principal Engineer, Vehicle Electrical Systems 4479 Singapore, SG Land Systems 08-Jan-2022
Assistant Principal Engineer, Navigation Behaviour 3721 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 09-Jan-2022
Assistant Principal Engineer, IT (SAP BI/BW) 3835 Singapore, SG Group HQ 26-Dec-2021
Assistant Principal Engineer - Hull Newbuild & Repairs (Benoi) 1903 Singapore, SG Marine 10-Jan-2022