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Engineer, Customer Success
Engineer, Customer Success Singapore, SG 09-Dec-2022
7075 Singapore, SG Satcom 09-Dec-2022
RF Product Manager
RF Product Manager Singapore, SG 04-Dec-2022
8173 Singapore, SG Satcom 04-Dec-2022
Engineer, EDC, Marine System
Engineer, EDC, Marine System Singapore, SG 17-Nov-2022
9001 Singapore, SG Marine 17-Nov-2022
Assistant Principal Engineer, Marine System, EDC (HVAC) 9000 Singapore, SG Marine 22-Nov-2022
Principal Engineer, EDC, Marine System
Principal Engineer, EDC, Marine System Singapore, SG 22-Nov-2022
9002 Singapore, SG Marine 22-Nov-2022
Assistant Vice President - Weapons & Electronics & System Integration 8860 Singapore, SG Marine 01-Dec-2022
Warehouse Assistant-Changi
Warehouse Assistant-Changi Singapore, SG 24-Nov-2022
8629 Singapore, SG Marine 24-Nov-2022
Supervisor-Mechanical & Engines (Changi NB) 5557 Singapore, SG Marine 14-Nov-2022
Senior Technician-Electrical (Changi)
Senior Technician-Electrical (Changi) Singapore, SG 07-Dec-2022
497 Singapore, SG Marine 07-Dec-2022
Senior Commercial Executive - Ship Repairs (Changi) 7722 Singapore, SG Marine 17-Nov-2022
Senior Executive, Corporate Marketing
Senior Executive, Corporate Marketing Singapore, SG 27-Nov-2022
5687 Singapore, SG Marine 27-Nov-2022
Senior Principal Engineer, ES, Automation & Electrical 2695 Singapore, SG Marine 23-Nov-2022
Senior Engineer, Automation, AES
Senior Engineer, Automation, AES Singapore, SG 11-Nov-2022
4756 Singapore, SG Marine 11-Nov-2022
Senior Lifting Supervisor (Benoi)
Senior Lifting Supervisor (Benoi) Singapore, SG 19-Nov-2022
7427 Singapore, SG Marine 19-Nov-2022
Electrical Technician-Newbuild (Benoi)
Electrical Technician-Newbuild (Benoi) Singapore, SG 07-Dec-2022
3339 Singapore, SG Marine 07-Dec-2022
Assistant Supervisor-Painting & Support (Changi) 2354 Singapore, SG Marine 07-Dec-2022
Executive - Inventory & Spares Management (Changi) 8512 Singapore, SG Marine 05-Dec-2022
Senior Technician-Mechanical & Engines (Changi) 2091 Singapore, SG Marine 18-Nov-2022
Senior Project Engineer-Ship Repairs (Pioneer) 8236 Singapore, SG Marine 14-Nov-2022
Assistant Supervisor - Mechanical Ship Repairs (Tuas Yard) 2125 Singapore, SG Marine 16-Nov-2022
Technician-HVAC & Aircon (Pioneer Sector)
Technician-HVAC & Aircon (Pioneer Sector) Singapore, SG 14-Nov-2022
6232 Singapore, SG Marine 14-Nov-2022
Senior Commercial Executive - Ship Repairs (Pioneer Sect) 8309 Singapore, SG Marine 24-Nov-2022
Assistant Electrical Supervisor - Ship Repairs (Tuas) 2171 Singapore, SG Marine 21-Nov-2022
Assistant Supervisor - Piping (Benoi)
Assistant Supervisor - Piping (Benoi) Singapore, SG 07-Dec-2022
5245 Singapore, SG Marine 07-Dec-2022
Asst. Principal / Principal Engineer, Hull, EDC Basic 2190 Singapore, SG Marine 05-Dec-2022