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Title Job ID Sort ascending Location Business Area Date
Project Engineer
Project Engineer Singapore, SG 15-Sep-2022
4408 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 15-Sep-2022
Senior Store Specialist
Senior Store Specialist Singapore, SG 09-Sep-2022
4420 Singapore, SG Land Systems 09-Sep-2022
Engineer Singapore, SG 22-Sep-2022
4440 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 22-Sep-2022
Assistant Executive
Assistant Executive Singapore, SG 26-Sep-2022
4542 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 26-Sep-2022
Technician I (A&C)
Technician I (A&C) Singapore, SG 08-Sep-2022
4546 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 08-Sep-2022
Software Architect (Multi-Robot Management Middleware) 4554 Singapore, SG Group HQ 22-Sep-2022
Hardware Engineer
Hardware Engineer Singapore, SG 25-Sep-2022
4555 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 25-Sep-2022
Senior Technician I
Senior Technician I Singapore, SG 17-Sep-2022
4580 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 17-Sep-2022
Manager/Rewards Lead
Manager/Rewards Lead Singapore, SG 22-Sep-2022
4589 Singapore, SG Group HQ 22-Sep-2022
Principal Engineer, Autonomous Solutions
Principal Engineer, Autonomous Solutions Singapore, SG 24-Sep-2022
4599 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 24-Sep-2022
Assistant Principal Engineer
Assistant Principal Engineer Singapore, SG 18-Sep-2022
4628 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 18-Sep-2022
Senior Engineer - Weapon and Electronics & Systems Integration 4687 Singapore, SG Marine 09-Sep-2022
Senior Technician (Machinist)
Senior Technician (Machinist) Singapore, SG 23-Sep-2022
4724 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 23-Sep-2022
Project Manager (IoT)
Project Manager (IoT) Singapore, SG 25-Sep-2022
4754 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 25-Sep-2022
Senior Engineer, Automation, AES
Senior Engineer, Automation, AES Singapore, SG 14-Sep-2022
4756 Singapore, SG Marine 14-Sep-2022
Principal Software Process Engineer
Principal Software Process Engineer Singapore, SG 11-Sep-2022
4793 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 11-Sep-2022
Software & Service Engineer
Software & Service Engineer Singapore, SG 15-Sep-2022
4854 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 15-Sep-2022
Senior System Engineer
Senior System Engineer Singapore, SG 04-Oct-2022
4863 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 04-Oct-2022
Software Engineer (Mobile & Web App)
Software Engineer (Mobile & Web App) Singapore, SG 17-Sep-2022
4868 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 17-Sep-2022
Software Deployment Engineer (C/C++)
Software Deployment Engineer (C/C++) Singapore, SG 09-Sep-2022
4874 Singapore, SG Cyber 09-Sep-2022
Engineer Singapore, SG 24-Sep-2022
4882 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 24-Sep-2022
Manager, Finance
Manager, Finance Singapore, SG 17-Sep-2022
4884 Singapore, SG Group HQ 17-Sep-2022
Senior Project Engineer, DFS
Senior Project Engineer, DFS Singapore, SG 03-Oct-2022
4963 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 03-Oct-2022
Senior Technician-Electrical (Changi)
Senior Technician-Electrical (Changi) Singapore, SG 13-Sep-2022
497 Singapore, SG Marine 13-Sep-2022
Solution Architect, Data Engineering & Management 4973 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 25-Sep-2022

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