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WSH Officer
WSH Officer Singapore, SG 05-May-2023
10120 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 05-May-2023
Warehouse Assistant
Warehouse Assistant Singapore, SG 24-May-2023
10101 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 24-May-2023
Vehicle Systems Design Engineer
Vehicle Systems Design Engineer Singapore, SG 16-May-2023
11006 Singapore, SG Land Systems 16-May-2023
Vehicle Quality Executive/ Vehicle Quality Inspector (Heavy Vehicles) 3472 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 13-May-2023
UAV Technician
UAV Technician Singapore, SG 15-May-2023
9664 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 15-May-2023
UAV Service Engineer
UAV Service Engineer Singapore, SG 09-May-2023
10204 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 09-May-2023
UAS Structures & Mechanical Engineer
UAS Structures & Mechanical Engineer Singapore, SG 19-May-2023
9831 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 19-May-2023
Trainee Technician (Aug'23 intake)
Trainee Technician (Aug'23 intake) Singapore, SG 22-May-2023
8932 Singapore, SG Defence Aerospace 22-May-2023
Trainee Licensed Aircraft Engineer
Trainee Licensed Aircraft Engineer Singapore, SG 16-May-2023
10536 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 16-May-2023
Threat Hunter / Software Engineer (Threat Hunting System) 11343 Singapore, SG Cyber 29-May-2023
Test Engineer
Test Engineer Singapore, SG 11-May-2023
4286 Singapore, SG Digital Systems 11-May-2023
Technician-Steel Cutting & Grinding(SUB)
Technician-Steel Cutting & Grinding(SUB) Singapore, SG 23-May-2023
2055 Singapore, SG Marine 23-May-2023
Technician, Assembly
Technician, Assembly Singapore, SG 24-May-2023
11297 Singapore, SG Land Systems 24-May-2023
Technician I (AIM)
Technician I (AIM) Singapore, SG 31-May-2023
9237 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 31-May-2023
Technician I
Technician I Singapore, SG 26-May-2023
7255 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 26-May-2023
Technician I
Technician I Singapore, SG 10-May-2023
8571 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 10-May-2023
Technician - Electrical (Pioneer Sector)
Technician - Electrical (Pioneer Sector) Singapore, SG 23-May-2023
7750 Singapore, SG Marine 23-May-2023
Technician (NDT)
Technician (NDT) Singapore, SG 12-May-2023
6204 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 12-May-2023
Technician (AM Machines)
Technician (AM Machines) Singapore, SG 22-May-2023
9627 Singapore, SG Commercial Aerospace 22-May-2023
Technician Singapore, SG 18-May-2023
7808 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 18-May-2023
Technical Officer (Quality Control)
Technical Officer (Quality Control) Singapore, SG 09-May-2023
10914 Singapore, SG Land Systems 09-May-2023
System Test Manager
System Test Manager Singapore, SG 28-May-2023
10379 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 28-May-2023
System Manager (Network Security)
System Manager (Network Security) Singapore, SG 19-May-2023
11227 Singapore, SG Cyber 19-May-2023
System Manager (Network Security)
System Manager (Network Security) Singapore, SG 19-May-2023
11228 Singapore, SG Cyber 19-May-2023
System Integration Manager, Mobility Rail
System Integration Manager, Mobility Rail Singapore, SG 24-May-2023
10853 Singapore, SG Urban Solutions 24-May-2023

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